Time of Use Study – Cost Comparison

Based on the recommendation of Commissioner Noble I decided to take a good look at Time of Use(TOU). He said at the little question and answer session he had with Commissioner Thomsen before they voted last Wednesday the 13th that he feels more people will benefit from TOU. So I took a look at it and in short here is my findings vs the rate changes that are in affect.

Overall Cost Analysis

My non solar cost would be $1,727.61 but if I put solar on my house you will see my cost to NV Energy will go down to $229.75 for the year if NEM1 was still in place. Under the New Rates my cost will be $411.30 in the first year (79% increase) and in 2020 my cost will increase to $1,073.70(367% increase over NEM1).

The clear loser in this situation is that if I chose TOU. My cost will increase 346% by blindingly following Commissioner Noble’s advice about switching to TOU over the Current Solar Cost of Electricity from NV Energy. That mistake would cost me an additional $612.25 more.

How did I get these numbers?

This was a very difficult task to do but I prevailed. I cannot imagine an average person having the ability to do this. So how can one make an informed decision on which plan is right?

I first downloaded all my information from NV Energy’s website in 15 minute increments.

Download button

This gave me all of my history from 1/1/15 to 12/31/15. I had to add all of the 15 minute data to a per hour value.

NV Energy Downloaded Information

I then downloaded solar information on a system that would take care of 95% of my homes electrical needs. I used PVWATTS because it is government run and it uses weather history, elevation and daylight hours to forecast a systems production. Plus I can not manipulate that data.

PV Watts Calculator

Here is the data it gave me on an hourly basis.

PV Watts Downloaded information

I then created a sheet that will aggregate the information to cross reference one another.  The usage NV Energy Delivered to me minus the Solar Production  will give me a result. The positive results will mean that’s “Usage” kWh I need from NV Energy and the Negative results mean it is “excess” kWh that I do not need and will be fed back into the grid.

Aggregated the data to give values

I used rates that were filed with the PUCN to determine what the costs will be for both TOU Solar Customers and regular Net Metering Customers.

With that information we know what to multiply energy usage by and what to multiply the excess energy by. Below is all of the rate breakdowns and system breakdown.

System and Usage

Solar Vs Non Solar






2016 TOU

You may view my work and spreadsheets here. I like showing my work.

In Conclusion…

If I took Commissioner Nobel’s recommendation of TOU I would be spending an extra $612 that I do not need to. That is very bad. My Cost over NEM1 is nearly $800.

I do not know if this was ever looked at. I have removed all certainty that I have messed with the numbers by using data given to me by third parties(NV Energy and PVWatts) in order to swing opinion my way. This is just a pure and simple lets take a look.

Who would TOU work for? The only way you could really get away with TOU is if you have an all electric house or if you are a snow bird. This is where your electrical use is really high in the winter time and your solar system produces electricity more than 100 percent of your summer time need.  See below to see what I mean.

Traditional Solar Production Net Metering

(High Summer User, Most houses with Gas for heating)


Recommended Solar Production

(High Winter Bill, uses electricity to heat home.)

Your Winter Usage will need to Dwarf the Summer Time Usage because of the 100% Cap of system production the PUCN has put on solar home owners. You probably want to have a gap between the top of the usage shown above in the Summer Months than just touching. Any power drawn from the grid is nearly 2.5 times the excess credit that you will receive in the summer peak usage period of TOU. TOU will only work for a very small percentage.

This  example was a lot of work and I do not understand how the PUCN and NV Energy have arrived that my bill will only have a small change of a few bucks a month when I just showed you in every scenario that it is a greater change than what they anticipated. You can read my posting on how they screwed up their own calcs here.

What you can do!!

Please share this with everyone you know. Show your  State Assembly Person, Commissioners, Governor . Do the calculators I have provided and send the results to them. Send the results to the media because they have no idea how bad this is.

You can also join groups like NVSOA.ORG  who represent solar owners here in Nevada.

Useless information about your feelings does not go far with these people and nor do blanket statements that just say my bill is going up. You have to show the people how its going to change your electric bill by numbers, not feelings!!!!