Northern NV Energy Solar Electric Bill Calculator

This tool is really geared for people who have had solar for a year. Please look at my New Solar System Electric Bill Estimator page to help get you an estimate on your new bills. Please check out the Definitions and Terms to give you a better understanding on what you are entering.

Spreadsheet is here!!! (Instructions below please read)

First you’re going to need some information from NV Energy:

Annual kWhD: (how much energy delivered to you)

Annual kWhR:(how much energy NV Energy received in excess from you)

Annual kWhG:(how much energy your Solar System Produced, if you dont have that, you can use your systems production for the same time period)

Please Make a copy… this is a shared document on google drive and a lot of people will be using it.

Or you can download it as an excel file.

Capture 1

-Making sense of the data-

The person above has entered in all of their information and they have an old savings of 84.3%  going solar vs not going solar. As you can see, the savings goes down to 20.92% in 2020 vs. not having solar. This system was designed to  do 98.7% of the homeowner’s needs.


Please email me to share what your new bill will be and I will post it. -Kyle


If you see any errors, please email me I do not want false information floating around and I do not want to provide you with the wrong information. These figures do not include the other taxes and fees.