New Solar System Electric Bill Estimator

You may be buying a Solar System here in Nevada or you just bought one and you don’t know what your future bill will be. This should give you a rough idea. Please check out the Definitions and Terms to give you a better understanding on what you are entering.

Southern NV Spreadsheet is Here!!! (Instructions below)

Northern NV Spreadsheet is Here!!! (Instructions below)

Please Make a copy…  this is a shared document on google drive and a lot of people will be using it.

Capture 1

Enter how many kWh your home uses in a year and how many kWh your solar system should produces in a year. In the part that asks “How much Solar energy will the house consume instantly”  you can put any number in there. It is safe to assume if you are home during the day you would want to input a higher number like 70 and if you work during the day you input a lower number like 25 since more energy is sent to the grid.

New System

The next part gives a breakdown of how much your old bill would have been without solar. Below that it shows your projected bills and savings of having solar vs not having solar. The bottom part shows the cost increase each year vs. having solar installed in 2015.

New System Breakdown.PNG