Definitions and Terms

NV Energy:

Excess– known as kWhR on your bill. This is energy that you send back into the grid from your solar system.

Usage– known as kWhD on your bill. This is energy you use from NV Energy.

Generation– See Total Solar Generation under Solar Terms.

NEM1– Net Metering Group 1. NV Energy Customers who had a system installed under the 235 MW Cap. They had a 1 for 1 excess credit to usage charge.

Average Class: Average Generation, Usage, and Excess for Solar Customers on Grid. (These numbers have a lot of doubt behind them)


Solar Terms:

Total Solar Generation(T.S.G.) – known as kWhG on your bill. Not all bills have kWhG because you might not have a rebated project. All rebated projects have Generation Meters installed on homes with solar. If you do not have a generation meter you may have a way of calculating your bill with your inverter or inverter based web monitoring.

Instant Solar Consumption (S.A.G.)–  Also known as Solar Avoided Generation.  This is kWh that is consumed as soon as it is produced. You can calculate how much energy is instantly consumed by taking kWhG – Excess = S.A.G.   The S.A.G. percentage can be calculated by S.A.G./Solar Generation = percentage of energy produced by solar that is instantly used in house. Very important to know you will use the energy you produce.

System Design %– This is how much your systems design will take care of your electrical needs. If your historic usage was 10,000 kWh and your solar system produces 9,000 kWh you have a system that will produce 90% of your electrical needs.

Savings– This is Non-Solar Customer Electric Cost minus the Solar Customer Electric Cost.

Return On Investment(ROI)– Calculated by taking customers Total Installed Cost x 70%(cost after tax credit) /  Savings = Years to recoup costs. You need to consider under the step program in place that savings needs to be subtracted for first 5 years and then divided by 2020 savings.

Cost Per Watt – This is Solar Industry standard on assessing the cost of a solar systems installed cost. If you are installing a system that is 10,000 watts DC and the cost per watt is $3.50 a watt it will cost $35,000 for Total Installed Cost.