How much is my bill going to change?

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How NV Energy Screwed up the math on the Average Bill (Class Average) submitted to the PUCN

New Solar System Bill Estimator (No 12 months of data collected)

Southern Nevada Solar Customers Calculator (System on Grid for 12+ Months)

Northern Nevada Solar Customer Calculator (System on Grid for 12+ Months)

There is a lot of confusion on how much your bill is going to change, NV Energy has not been the most helpful in having you understand the changes that will be happening. I have taken the numbers that they have posted online and put them in an easy to use spreadsheet I encourage you to use. You can also read how NV Energy messes up the math and how the difference is not 1% per year as described in the PUC filings.

Here is a more Comprehensive Study   and Comprehensive Intro that breaks down how to read the info in the study more easily on a customer’s home whose electric bill will go up 500%.

I was interviewed by

Please email me to share what your new bill will be and I will post it. -Kyle


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