New rates and what to do

Updated Matrix

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With today’s ruling from the PUCN you are going to want to know what kind of  Electric user you are.

First take a look at what size system you currently have on your home. Then how much electricity the system was designed to offset your historic electrical load. Then determine how much Solar Electricity you probably Export(kWhR) to the grid. If you work during the day you will export closer to 80% than someone who is home all day.

Then you can see how the savings will change in each step, then how much the cost increase will be. The Return On Investment has a lot of different figures. If you see a negative value that means it will cost you more to have solar.

If you have a small system you are going to be hurt more than any other customers!  As you can see above the customers who have very small systems will be either paying more for their electricity or have such a small savings it can take 11,000 years. What a Payback.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU LOAD SHIFT. Load shifting is trying to use more electricity when your solar panels are producing. You will need to do a lot of your household chores during the daytime to capture and use most of that solar electricity up. This will need to mainly be done in the Cooler temperature months when you overproduce your electricity and have a HIGH Solar Electricity EXPORT. This will help you get more bang for your buck out of your solar system.


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Kyle Jones